The Nitro Cart


The Nitro Cart is a mobile nitro cold brew coffee cart that started in Rhode Island's capital. Since emerging on the scene they have rapidly grown to supply their product to restaurants, venders and shops throughout the entire state and have since opened their very own coffee bar.

Their values when it comes to ingredients and quality were the driving force behind the inspiration for their brand identity — a minimal but powerful look, mixed with their carefully curated Instagram vibe.

Their primary mark is bold, young and enclosed in an elongated rectangle, at the same lineweight as their logomark. Their submark is a quirky but modern line icon that resembles their coffee cart. A line of text fits just under the graphic and allows for alternating subheadings - whether that be their company title, social media handle or trending hashtag. It has since been developed into popular product decals, stickers, bags, t-shirts, pins and an interior mural.

A set of icons were designed in order to use as tools to separate, allocate or highlight bodies of text on their many print materials. These original icons make it easy to set up a brand language throughout their marketing and promotional collateral.

The colors used are simple and honest - just like their product. No flash, no tricks, just clean and pure. Taking the colors of their product and turning down the saturation gave way to a color theme that felt just right.

Jenn Shore