Wilmington, delaware

Sparc is a Sports Park and Recreation Complex that provides high-end and well-maintained sports fields and facilities. They cater to the traveling team community, as well as local sports organizations. Sparc is a facility but also a destination - boasting a popular restaurant, arcade, overnight accommodations for players and families and more.

The logo for Sparc draws from the movement and activity that takes place on it's site. The lettering is elongated and bold, referencing the lettering styles of uniform numbers or scoreboards. It's been given a 3-D effect in order to evoke a sense of expansion and growth. The unique forms allow it to play well with unexpected canvases such as spray painted on fields or laid in between window panes.

In order to further emphasize the movement of the logo's form two other secondary or alternative logos have been developed in order to further reflect the diversity of the services that are offered at Sparc.

The colors are a muted version of your classic sports colors - highlighting blue and grey tones so as not to distract from the competing team colors.

The typefaces used are all modern looking sans-serif fonts that reflect the same need for a minimal impression.

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