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Brand Identity —

You need your brand to work as hard as you do.

The essentials to a successful business doesn't start with just an original idea and hard work - you need a strong identity to permeate the business atmosphere. With a clear story and consistent look your business will thrive. Aligning your business ideals and intentions with a clean and simple identity will attract customers or clients and build brand loyalty.

Each of our brand identity projects are unique and will be curated on an individual level.

Essentials —

Brand Story Boarding/Meeting

Original Logo

Color and Typeface Palette

Rounds of Revisions

Additional assets —

Secondary Logos

Custom Brand Assets — patterns, illustrations, icons.

Brand Style Guide

Brand Launch/Strategy Meeting

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Applied Design —

Once a strong and clear brand identity has been established, that aesthetic and representation can be brought to all forms of media, marketing material and merchandise.

It is important to remain cohesive throughout the branding process so that your brand keeps a recognizable identity when applied to multi-media or collateral.

These applications are how your brand will live in the public realm - and prosper.


essentials —

Business Cards




Digital Stationary







Merchandise —

Label/Packaging Design





Media Presence —




Print Ads

Digital Ads

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Web Design —

Online presence is an essential in today's digital world.

We live in an age where it is now more likely people will learn about your company through a digital platform before they are introduced to it first hand. That is why it is vital your customer or client is able to understand exactly what you are about through your website.

There won't be a second chance at a first impression for your site and it needs to work for you as if you were in the ear of it's user, explaining exactly what your purpose and philosophies are.

With a strong brand identity in place, we can work with you to conceptualize a design for your website and then execute it.

We use Squarespace as a vehicle to transform template designs into bespoke web identities that will be unique to your own web space. Squarespace allows us to work in a way so that you will always have access to view the site building process and see edits in real time. This allows you with the opportunity to give us feedback along the way, prompt changes or inquire about design decisions.

Once a website is completed, you have the option to continue to work with us as we make weekly/monthly/quarterly changes to your site as you need them or let us give you the basic training you'll need to make small edits and adjustments yourself.

essentials —

Web Strategy Meeting


Strategy Design


Mock Ups

Base Level Website

Additional Assets —

Custom CSS/HTML Code Injection

Video/Multi-Media Web Inclusion

E-Commerce Set-Up

Blog/Journal Entry Instruction

Email Marketing Integration and Lessons

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Art Direction —

Content is a big part of brand identity and web design. Its quality is often overlooked and that is a big mistake!

The time you take to curate and elevate the standard of your print and web content is always an investment that proves itself in the final product. The photos you chose to use in your materials are speaking for your work and attention to detail, that potential clients and customers will always read into. This becomes exaggerated in today's society where intriguing material reigns on the web, in social media, and in printed assets.

Art direction can be rolled into your brand identity and web design or sought out separately in order to breathe new life into a brand that has lost its relevancy.

essentials —

Direction Consultation

Set Design

Prop Styling

Product Styling

Wardrobe Styling

Project management —

Photographer Hire

Site Scouting