Turnkey Design—

Newport, rhode island

Turnkey's identity represents the fusion of traditional style kitchen and bath design with today's modern and savvy homeowner. The traditional aesthetic appears through the sans-serif typeface of the logo type with its contrasting heavy and thin ligature which give it a more refined look.

The icon of the logo is a key - referenced in the company's title. The structure of the key utilizes the "T" of the logo type as the handle and the "K" of the logotype as the unique toothed tool.

The logotype is paired with a more modern serif type that alludes to the merging of two worlds that is evident throughout the company's kitchen and bath work.

Anonymous and clean imagery right from the body of the work of the company was used as backdrop photography for a lot of the applied design material as well as texture for the company's website.

From those images and more directly the body of work it showcases a color palette was developed. Soft, cool and comfort colors were used to evoke a sense of home and safety. Themes that are sought after when renovating a space that needs updating.

The mix of bold and minimal typeface, like Future PT,  with detailed serf type faces, like LTC Bodoni 175, are spread throughout the design marketing materials. Keeping the theme of the work and business model cohesive.


brand boards.jpg