Monon Property Group—

Greencastle, Indiana

Monon Property Group is a company that owns and manages rental property within the Greencastle, Indiana area. These properties are a favorite of visitors, parents and professors looking to stay in the Depauw University area. 

The original logo design pays tribute to the retired Monon Railway company that once was a driving economic force for the small town. The logo has been altered to reflect the nature of this property group and its relationship with the innovative and fast-growing homestay community, brought to the forefront of travel by companies like AirBnb and VRBO. In order to catch the eye of onlookers, but not be too bold the logo stays within a color palette of blacks, whites, creams and a pop of golden yellow for splash.

The typography used in the brand identity of this company shows the historic and traditional values of the town through the classical serif typeface, and the bold sans serif font it is paired with mimics the new technology being embraced by the property group.  In anticipation of a custom website, the brand imagery includes historic town photography which will be along side contemporary images of the interiors and exteriors of the rentable properties to be featured. 

The suite of stationary is outlined with a bold border to give the letterhead and business cards a polished and elevated style. The type typefaces mentioned above work well in print as they compliment each other and add balance to the brand assets. 

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