Maxfield Blackledge Photography—


Maxfield Blackledge is an independent photographer who captures the sea, the sky and everything in between. His crisp and polished aesthetic was the driving force behind his logo and brand identity. The logo is inspired by high-end fashion magazine typefaces that pair well with imagery similar to Blackledge's. His work is then able to stand out, even when composed with type in web or print content.

Blackledge's stationary suite not only looks classic with its severe use of black and white, but creates a masculine feel by highlighting black on black text - most notably on his business cards which feature his logo in a raised and spot varnished effect. This black type on black paper feature is used throughout his brand material, including his; folders, cd covers, notebooks and envelopes. 

The two typefaces utilized in his brand identity show great juxtaposition. The logo type is an elegant serif type face that looks professional and mature, on the other. The body typeface is a bit more digitized and stylized to pay homage to the technology used in Blackledge's work - the digital camera. Both type faces are evident in his American Relic poster series designed as marketing for his photo exhibition of the same name. 

mbp_secondary logo and photo.jpg
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