The Process — Branding Edition

One common inquiry at the start of any project, relates to the process. We work with brands to deliver them with a unique vision that reflects the collaborative and purposeful nature of our approach. 

Here is a bit about what to expect, and the overall process when it comes to branding with us.


1  Inquiry/Investment

Branding has to start with the need for it! That's where you pop in. Somehow we connect and the process begins. Whenever possible, we love to meet our clients face to face. This helps us get a better sense of who you are and what you need. We are always happy to link up via phone or video chat when needed. 

It's at this meeting or during this call that we talk about what you are looking for. We chat about the services we offer, and if they align with your needs. This allows us to determine if we are both a good match for one another. If it's a go, we settle on the exact services you're after and we send you a quote.

Once approved, that quote becomes an invoice and contract (terms and conditions, file sharing, asset delivery specifications, etc.) that is sent your way. In order to know you're in and to secure the time in our calendar to complete your project we require a 50% deposit. The remainder can be paid in full at delivery or in payments prior to. 


2  Research/Exploration

We are big on being informed about our clients and all aspects of their backgrounds and their business. Insert our Brand Questionnaire! This packet allows us to gain insight into you and your business. It asks about your company in general, your story and how you got started, your typical client and what your products and/or services are. 

All of this information allows us to understand what you are, what you are doing and where you want to go from here. Growth is a big part of branding - so we ask you about your goals too. 

The second part of the questionnaire gets into your brand. You likely either currently have one you're not satisfied with or you are starting from scratch, each is a good place to start. We want to know what brands you like, how you want to be viewed, and what your personal aesthetic is - sometimes this aligns with your brand, and other times it might not.

You'll also put together a private Pinterest board, and share that with us. These usually contain about 20-30 images of brand material you gush over. It can include things like; color inspiration, typography, logos, websites, packaging, outfits, textures or whatever inspires you! Get creative! We're looking to get a feel for your natural vibe. 

Once all of this information is submitted, we digest it. This all becomes fodder for our next phone call or meeting where we can be more realistic about a start date and project timeline.


3  Design

This is where we roll up our sleeves. Usually, we start with a mood board. A collection of images and inspiration that aim to serve as a theme or motif for the creative direction of your brand. We send you some options and from there you select a look to move forward with. Next, concept development really unfolds. We'll then send you some designs. You tell us what's working, what needs adjusting and hone in on your ideal design. We pride ourselves on our communication and work to be as available as possible - this ultimately helps us create the best design for you. Great communication on both ends is the best way to ensure a project stays on schedule.

Keep in mind, the design process differs depending on your deliverables. So, revisions will vary and be noted in your contract. 


4  Delivery/Finalization

Once we have one winner of a design, it needs your written approval. We then receive the final payment for your project and we package up your design files and send them on their way. We always make sure you have everything you need to move forward for print and web use. We always like to make ourselves available to your developer (unless that's us too), printer or other creatives we might need to work with during your brand launch. Either way, it's safe to deem this celebration time. Time for the bubbly!


Think we left something out? If you have any questions, leave us a comment, send us an email or dm @shorecreative. Keep an eye out for a post on our web design process!