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Absolutely! Half of our clients are not local. We are capable of handling work remotely and pride ourselves on clear and frequent communication via email, phone or video chat.


ARE WE compatIble?

That is a very important question! This site is the best place to start to try and answer that question. Do you like what you see? We offer a general design skill set, but our aesthetic and design beliefs are unique - the most successful production is done when client and designer are aligned on design principles, ideals and vibe.


What to expect when we first meet?

With all our clients, the first step is always an initial meeting or consultation. This is introductory time that is invaluable to our understanding of your vision for your brand. We like to take this time to listen and try and dissect all the information you have to offer.


how does pricing work?

Our work is bespoke - catered to each client depending on their company/business size, their needs and their deadlines. Our pricing reflects our work in that it is customized for the agreed upon deliverables, the work that the branding needs to do for your company and your deadlines. 

Our price structure works in three different ways:

PACKAGES—this is a collection of our services that has been selected by you, with our advisement, in order to deliver to you a final product that creates the best platform for your business to thrive. It can include items from any of our office's design/marketing capabilities. Packages are priced out as lump sums.

SINGLE ASSET—there will be instances where you or your company will only need certain design assets to enhance or liven your brand. In this case these items are priced out individually, as you need them, based on the same structure principles all our services use.

HOURLY—in more infrequent cases we will charge hourly. These instances are only used when a fixed price does not make sense. For example, monthly web-design updates or excess revisions. We have three tiers of hourly pricing; production, creative, and web.


what forms of payment are excepted?

Once an invoice is received, you will have the option to pay by check or by credit card (via Venmo or Paypal). In some cases a credit card processing fee may apply.

It is important to us that our work is able to propel your company or business. Whenever appropriate - we are happy to accept payment in installments.


how will i see return on my investment?

We believe investing in strong brand identity and design presence is crucial to a successful company. Don't believe us? See these articles on the subject:

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Great question! We love to let our clients know why we feel strongly about Squarespace's capabilities and design approach - read more about here, it in our journal.

how long will it all take?

The scheduled delivery date,  presentation or design reveal depends on the body of work. Schedules and deadlines are important to us - and they are critical to a healthy design process. We work side-by-side with our clients on a schedule that includes meetings, check-ins, concept reviews and design deliverables. 

There are two factors working at once to dictate a design process timeline; the client's need for the work, and our understanding of the best amount of time to dedicate to a project.

We will always work to meet your deadline needs, without jeopardizing the quality of our work. 

Assuming we have a manageable workload a logo can take 1-2 weeks to reach finalization. An entire brand identity package can take 4-6 weeks. Web-design projects vary greatly given their size and complexity and can range from 3-8 weeks to complete. These are approximations to give you a general idea of the timeline. 

Our primary goal when it comes to meeting a deadline is to offer you a realistic and amicable delivery date.


what if i have questions or need help after MY PROJECT IS COMPLETED?

We are here for you! If you have simple questions we are always a phone call or email away. We will always try to leave you with all the advice and tools you might need to move ahead - however, we know circumstances might arise where you'd like a designer's perspective. 

We will make ourselves available to you for a reasonable amount of follow-up. If you decide you feel better with us at the helm, hourly prices can be customized to suit your needs.


Do you manage the printing of my project?

This is entirely up to you. We are fully capable of delivering clients with print ready files. These are the digital assets you can take with you to a printer of your choice and have them printed wherever you'd prefer.

The other option would be for us to manage this aspect of the project for you. We can produce, set-up and (after receiving final approval from you) print all materials you need and have them delivered to your doorstep. We like this option because we can work with our trusted vendors (like through which we can offer you discounted products and shipping. 


Do you do copy writing?

Light copy writing for a tag line, motto, brand name, mission statement or service descriptions are all doable. Any lengthy copy editing or writing will need to be outsourced and is not a service we normally provide. We'll let you now if your copy editing needs exceed our expertise.


what if i need a large e-commerce website with more functionality than squarespace offers?

We do offer small business e-commerce site design and curation, but if you are a large company with highly sophisticated e-commerce and corporate web development needs, this would not be something we could deliver to you at this time.

If this does sounds like something you do need, approaching a reputable web development firm would be your best bet. With that being said, we're fully capable of building you a strong brand to go to said firm with - minimizing the design work on their end and lowering your overall costs. 


I need a logo and i already know exactly what i want - will you help?

In this case you are already the designer and so this wouldn't be a good fit. You will need to find someone who works in design production to help you realize your design.


when can we start?

Contact us now to see when our first opening is!