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Brand Questionnaire

Let’s get to know one another better…

Your Business/Brand
What is your elevator pitch for your business products or services? Please answer in layman’s terms.
How would you describe your business to a colleague or peer in the same workforce as you?
How many employees do you have? How many clients do you have monthly? Where are you based out of and where can you realistically offer products or services?
What is your typical client/customer like? What demographics shape their expectations, budget, communication, etc?
Your Story
How did you become interested in your product or service?
Who were they? What was the product or service provided? What was their budget?
Your Edge
Please identify your top product or services.
Please outline this process from start to finish.
What are your strengths? What are your core business values?
Are there businesses you aspire to be like, or are there companies you’d like to avoid comparison to?
Your Growth
On a very primary level, what are the intentions of your business?
Please describe your short term and long term goals for your business.
Do you currently have a satisfactory website? Do you actively use social media for your business?
What are your current rules of measure or data collection processes for accurately tracking growth?
Your Brand
What sort of colors, styles and themes are you personally attracted to?
What physical material would your brand be applied to - anything from business cards to billboards?

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